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Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultations

Peaceful Newborn

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Nothing makes new parents happier than well rested babies! However, sometimes they just aren't giving us the sleep stretches we need to be functional humans in the daylight hours.

Yes, babies do have their days and nights mixed up in the beginning ( the first few weeks ) and my gentle sleep coaching helps teach them when sleepy time begins and how to stay asleep longer.

I also work on napping habits, as well as proper sleep environments, all to encourage the baby to sleep through the night.

As a Certificated Sleep Consultant the approach I use takes into account your feeding goals, baby's age and weight, baby's health, and other factors to come up with a customized sleep plan that will give you clear steps and tools to use to set a healthy routine. I can start from day one with gentle approaches  or I am happy to work with older babies  even toddlers to get them on the sleepy path.


Here is what I currently offer:

ABC BABY SLEEP ( infants 1-12 mo & toddlers )


Option 1
In home or virtual initial consultation/ sleep assessment follow with customized written sleep plan/guidelines for parents to follow continuing with phone, email, text support for up to 4 weeks.
Your investment $1000

Option 2

Sleep Related Phone or video Consultation
Your investment $180 per hr

Option 3
30 Min Phone Consultation

( basic Q & A - quick fix )
Your investment $80


All packages are prepaid by Venmo or Zelle

Venmo: Karina Plotek@kari-pol

          Interested in my virtual & in home services ?

          Please email, call or text for more info.


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