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Karina took care of my son overnight for about 2 months, starting from when he was about 5 weeks old. She is wonderful - very caring, knowledgeable, and reassuring. As a first time mom, I appreciated her background as a pediatric nurse since so much about childcare was unfamiliar to me. She clearly cares for babies (and moms!) and was always professional, punctual, and conscientious. She goes out of her way to help. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Francois R.:

We have had Karina for 5 months as a night baby nurse/postpartum doula to help with our twin boys.  I can honestly say that this was the best investment of my life.  Karina made us feel at ease from the first night we brought the boys home and she was very understanding and accomodating with all our various requirements. Karina was very flexible and she was able to accomodate our various requests to come earlier at night or to leave later in the morning. Karina was easily able to make us feel at ease with handling our newborn babies and she brought us a big wealth of knowledge on how to handle multiples.  Finally I want to highlight that Karina was able to teach our boys very good sleep habits and by the time our boys were 6 months old they were sleeping 12 hours per night.



Susan K.:

Karina was a lifesaver for us!

She has an incredible nurturing aura and was helpful in every way when my daughter was born.  We would hand off our newborn daughter and she treated her with kitten gloves and made us feel at ease when she was in our home.  At times, our newborn had colic so Karina would give her a baby massage and knew ways to make her feel at ease as well.  I highly recommend Karina for any newborn and even new parents!



Caitlin W.:

I can't overstate how much we enjoyed working with Karina. She was gentile yet informative in helping us navigate the first few months of our son's life. Within her first few nights with us she had quietly figured out our routines and unobtrusively made everything easier. We will definitely call Karina again for all future babies.



Irina S.:

Karina was a life saver for me and my family. I was barely sleeping for 4 weeks straight as my baby was screaming day and night and I didn't know what to do or how to get some rest. My husband and his family were equally confused and we decided to get help. Karina was a referral from our sleep consultant and she was the only one who realized what was wrong with our baby. After just one day of changing his feeding schedule and my diet with her guidance he stopped crying so much and I was able to get the most needed rest with her help at my house. I felt 100% sure she would take great care of my newborn child and loved all the new things I learned from her. She also supported me in keeping breastfeeding even though I wanted to give up due to sleep depriviation and depression. I can't recommend Karina highly enough and if I will have a second baby I will make sure to reserve my spot early on. Thank you Karina for your help!



I couldn’t have asked for a better night nurse. Karina is extremely calm, knowledgeable, experienced, patient, and intuitive. She knew exactly what my baby and I needed and I felt completely at ease when she was caring for my baby (which is no small feat for a nervous first time mom). She has a nursing background, which was extremely helpful since my baby had some feeding issues when she first came home. She gave me so many helpful tips on how to care for my little one and was extremely nurturing. She truly was a lifesaver. 



Anya B.:

We had an amazing experience with Karina on our team! She was there for us and our twins from night one offering care and affection for our babies and a piece of mind for me and my husband. She answered our questions and concerns, offered great tips and suggestions, helped us navigate through the very tumultuous, but exciting, newborn period, and was respectful of our parenting choices. Karina helped us establish a night time routine having BOTH babies on the same sleep/feed schedule, and ensured that I maximized my sleep while meeting my feeding or pumping goal for each night. And best of all, each morning I woke up to a hot breakfast and all baby gear clean and tidy and ready to go for another hectic day. Having Karina to help us get through the night allowed us to be more rested, energetic and engaged with our twins during the day. We will always be grateful for that!


Sherry J.:

Karina spent 6 months with my boy/girl twins, starting with the night they came home from the hospital.  As first time parents, my husband and I highly appreciated Karina's extensive nursing and doula experience, proactive guidance, and the sense of security that she brought to our household every week night.  We slept well knowing that Karina was taking such exquisite care of our newborns - everything from feeding to putting them to sleep to trimming their nails.  She was so gentle with them, always calm even during their most frantic moments, and she always knew what to do.  Karina was an important part of my twins' early development, and she really helped us to understand them better by pointing out the tiny changes and progress we might not have noticed on our own.  I also credit her with helping to train them to be independent and confident babies who could wait their turn to be held - very important when you have twins.  She also taught us many parenting skills like feeding techniques, infant safety, how to bathe them, and how to manage reflux issues with our daughter. Karina also took great care of me, providing me with recommendations to help with breastfeeding, cooking/baking delicious treats, and making sure I got as much rest as possible by doing everything she could to make my household run smoothly.  She even befriended our super shy cat, bringing some stability to the poor kitty's life during what was probably a confusing time!  It was such a pleasure to work with Karina, and I consider her to be a great friend and mentor.  Bringing Karina to our household was probably the best parenting decisions we have made so far.  I would absolutely recommend her night doula services.

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