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Nursery Set Up & Concierge Services

Nursery Room

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I absolutely love helping expectant families create gorgeous and also well organized nurseries for their sweet babies. This is such a huge part of the nesting process and is probably one of the most fun things to do to prepare for baby's arrival. But new parents can sometimes use a bit of helping knowing what items to buy, how to arrange the furniture for best flow, and where to stock all the essentials. This is where I come in. I will help you shop, create shopping lists, let you in on our TOP baby gear list, and so much more to get baby's room just perfect! 

Interested in the best pregnancy, birth, and baby related services in your area as well? I have the inside scoop and provide concierge services to connect you to all the people, classes, and services you need. Pregnancy massage, nannies, birth doulas, Mommy and Me classes? I've got you covered! Let me help you stay organized and ultra prepared for all of your mom/baby needs.

Interested in Nursery Set Up & Concierge services? Fill out the form, including your location and estimated due date or baby's age and I will get back to you shortly!

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